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Potty Training Checklist

Properly training your dog not to go to the bathroom in your house or anywhere else not deemed appropriate takes both time and patience. There are many factors involved with proper potty training of your dog. Some techniques may not even seem so obvious to dog owners whom have not researched how to potty train their dog.

Have you been trying to train your dog to be housebroken but still having trouble with accidents inside of the house? Then you may have missed some important information about puppy potty training.

For your guidence we have put together a checklist below. Take a look at it and see if there is something that you are not doing;

1. Did you keep an accurate housebreaking diary for at least five days, and then studied the patterns of your dog’s bathroom habits?

2. Did you arrange for everyone in your family to all agree on the same dog training rules when it comes to potty training your puppy, so that different people are not telling the puppy to do different things when she uses the bathroom?

3. Do you always go outside with your dog when he has to go potty so that you know whether he has relieved himself and so you are able to reward him?

4. Are you keeping your dog confined when you cannot watch him, even if you are in the house with him?

5. Do you allow your dog too much freedom in the house?

6. Are you expecting too much self control from your young puppy, and then being too harsh with him when he does have an accident in the house?

7. Are you being very careful to keep your dog’s eating schedule on a tight time-frame each and every day? Are you being sure to feed him only at these times and without overfeeding him, offering snacks, or switching foods?

8. Last but not least, are you doing the wrong thing by punishing your dog harshly when he does have an accident inside the house, making him afraid to go in front of you even when outside?