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Eskimo dog

Good points

  • Beautiful
  • Can become devoted
  • Endurance
  • Excellent sled dog
  • Strong
  • Fine guard

Take heed

  • Suspicious of strangers

The Eskimo Dog is one of several regional sled dogs of different names, few of which are well known outside the polar area. It is hardy and accustomed to fending for itself, living in the open and often having to find its own food.

The Greenland Dog is so similar that controversy rages as to whether they should be classified separately. Usually the Eskimo Dog is a little shorter in the back than the Greenland and is weightier generally but without extra height.


Height at shoulder: dog 23-27in (58.5-68.5cm); bitch 20-24in (51-61cm). Weight: dog 75-1051b (34-47.6 kg); bitch 60-901b (272-40.8kg).


These dogs are accustomed to pulling sleds and hauling fishing boats ashore. They would soon get bored just snoozing by the fireside all day. Consider this if you consider acquiring either of these – or any other – working breeds.


Regular brushing will keep the coat in good condition.


Recommended would be 20-330z (587-936g) of a branded, meaty product with biscuit added, or 3-5 cupfuls of a dry food, complete diet, mixed in the proportion of 1 cup of feed to 1/2 cup of hot or cold water

Origin and history

These polar Spitz breeds no doubt originated in eastern Siberia and shared a common task and ancestry with the Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky and Samoyed. To quote the American explorer Peary, ‘There is, In fact, only one sled dog’.


Colour. All known dog colours or combinations of these colours.

Head and skull. Well proportioned, broad and wedge-shaped with a moderate stop. Strong, flat skull and powerful jaws. Black or brown nose and lips. Muzzle of medium length, gently tapering to the nose.

Tail. Large and bushy. Set high and curled loosely over the back, falling to one side or the other.

Feet. Rather large, well spread and strong with strong nails. Thick pads well intersected with fur.