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Coat Grooming

A Preventive Measure

A well groomed coat should be smooth, shiny, clean, and free of pests and parasites. You should easily be able to run a comb through it without getting stuck. It should be able to be strong and pliable enough to resist breakage from combing and brushing. This can be achieved by keeping your dog’s coat and skin clean.

You need to regularly check for parasites. Run your hands over your dog’s body about once every week and check for any bumps, lumps, sores, dry patches, and any skin changes. You might also be able to find out other body concerns like hip pain which could indicate hip dysplasia. Pain in the spine could indicate disc disease. Other joint problems such as slipping kneecaps or arthritis can be detected by paying attention to any signal that your dog is in pain.

Ungroomed coats can be the start of various health problems in your loyal pal. Below is a list of common problems that can occur when your dog is not properly groomed.


These sneaky pests can flourish well beneath a dog with an ungroomed coat. They can rapidly breed and even infest your home if left untreated. Their bites can cause itchy spots as well as dermatitis that can cause serious infection to your dog. Fleas are also carriers of certain diseases such as bubonic plague, as well as their own parasites that could infect your dog.


These small blood sucking creatures may look harmless, but they contain harmful bacteria that can infect even humans if they burst while being removed. They can spread diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted Fever to humans and dogs. If improperly removed, these creatures can leave their heads inside the dog that could cause infections.

Poor hair quality

Bathing too often, not bathing enough, not conditioning, or not properly using tools such as brushes and combs may result in hair breakage and brittle hair. Poor diet can also result in brittle, dry hair that looks dull and breaks off easily.

Keep in mind that proper nutrition is an important part of good grooming. A well balanced diet is required to have smooth, strong, fluffy, and shiny hair. Whatever the length or texture is, a well groomed coat makes your dog healthier, cheerful, brighter, and look better. This is what it means by having a well groomed dog.