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Characteristics of a good breeder

Are you in search of getting a new puppy from a reputable breeder but are not sure of what to look for or what constitutes a “good breeder”? Don’t be afraid to question breeders, even those dog breeders that show their dog’s professionally. Below are some things to look for when trying to located a dog breeder that is conscientious of their breeding work:

1. A sign of a good dog breeder only breeds one or two different breeds. Any more than that makes it difficult to truly be knowledgeable about each breed.

2. A good dog breeder will be able to tell you the genetic problems within his particular breed and what he or she has done to help reduce the chances of these genetic problems occurring again in the future of the dog’s in question.

3. A breeder who can thoroughly explain to you why the dog breeding partners were selected and what characteristics they will produce is the mark of a very good dog breeder.

4. A good breeder is one who breeds only so often, as infrequent as two litters per year. At times this breeder may only breed once every two years.

5. A good breeder is committed to the welfare of the breed as well as their individual dogs.

6. A caring breeder is one who will want to be informed if you cannot continue to keep the dog.

7. A sign of a decent breeder is one who raises all of his puppies with a lot of contact with other people and in a clean environment.

8. A breeder that cares about what they do does not sell their puppies to a pet shop or any other 3 rd party pet vendor. This caring breeder will want to have total control over the homes that the puppies are placed in, in order to ensure that they will be well cared for.