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Dog Care

Welcome to dogs-care.com. The website where you can learn how to give your dog the best home possible. All dog breeds have their own traits and require slightly different care. It is easy to assume that the size of a dog will affect the care of the dog. This is true to a degree but can not be used as the only guide. It is as an example easy to assume that a small dog is suitable for an apartment while a large dog isn’t. This isn’t necessarily true.

A great example of this is Chihuahuas and Great Danes. You can not care for a Chihuahua in the same way as you would care for a Great Dane. A Great Dane is a large low energy dog that loves to cuddle, the Chihuahua is a high energy dog that needs to get an outlet for all that energy to be happy. There is an argument to be made for that the great Dane is a much more apartment friendly dog than the chihuahua despite its size. The great Dane is more likely to be happy in the apartment with you that the Chihuahua.

You need to to know the needs of your dog breed. You should never assume anything based on size and shape.

There are a large number of different factors that will affect the needs of your dog. Some of the most important are:

  • Type of fur: Breeds with long furs usually require more grooming.
  • The dogs body shape: A slender dog is usually built for speed and a more massive dig is build for strenght.  (but there are massive differences between breeds)
  • The temperament of a dog: some dogs just want to sleep with its human, some want to run all day and others want to explore and join the humans when it suits them.
  • The dogs energy level:  Ties into what i said above. Some dogs are happy to sleep 22 hours a day and go for a walk the other two, others needs to run for over to be able to calm down.
  • The breeds purpose:  Different breeds have been bred for different reasons and that often says a lot about the dogs temperament.  A companion dog will usually have one set of needs while a guard dog or a hunting dog will have other needs. Do not assume that all hunting dogs will have similar needs. Dogs designed to hunt different prey will have very different needs and personalities.
  • The Nose:  A flat nose will give the dog a number of health problems and can cause it to need special care.  The prime example of this is the pug that often need eye drops to keep the eyes from drying out and that often have problems breeding.

The total number of factors that affects the care your dog needs is to long to list here. You should therefor always read everything you can about the breed you want to care for. If you dog have a disease then you should always learn everything you can about that disease as well. If for example your dog get infected with K9 leptospirosis then you should try to know more than your veterinarian knows about that disease.  Your veterinarian have to know about a lot of disease. There is nothing prevent you from becoming more knowledgeable about one disease  once it has been diagnosed.

The same is true if your dog suffers from diabetes, obesity, poor eyesight, parvo, dysplasia and so on. Make sure to always be an expert on your dog and all its problems. Only then can you give it the best possible life.

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